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What Are You Wearing On Your Nails?

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china glaze deviantly daring

Right now I’m wearing China Glaze Deviantly Daring, and yes, that is a feather toy. 🙂

The lacquer, which is new for fall, retails for $6.99, and it’s available now at Sally Beauty stores.

The feather toy, coincidentally, which belongs to Tabs, sells at Petco for about the same price. This one here happens to be new and will probably last about a month.

(That’s how long it usually takes Tabs to pull all the feathers out.)

Hmm… I wonder what he’ll think about my matching manicure.

china glaze deviantly daring

Normally, I doubt he’d even look, but if the feather doesn’t get his attention…this bag of Greenies should!

china glaze deviantly daring

How about you? What are you wearing on your nails?

TV wins again

I came this close to going to bed tonight at 7. I was tired enough to do it, wanted to do it, but then I started watching Cinderalla Man on TV — the one with Russell Crowe and Renée Zellweger (whatever happened to her?) — and before I knew it, bam! It’s 9 o’clock.

Off to bed for me. I hope you had a good day, and I’ll see you again at the top of the hump. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


You Can’t Go Wrong With the Classics: The Artdeco Dita Von Teese Classics Collection

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artdeco dita von teese classics collection

What makeup does Dita wear?

Well, that’s an excellent question. 🙂 We could try to track down the answer online and let our fingers do the walking. Google might even turn up an interview in which the burlesque dancer/diva/costume designer dishes the deets on her signature pinup girl look (here’s a hint: sometimes it involves lots of MAC), but why stop there when Artdeco has an entire makeup collection designed by the glamorous gal herself?

The new limited edition Artdeco Dita Von Teese Classics Collection of fall makeup for faces, eyes, lips, cheeks and nails was designed by Dita and inspired by her classic approach to cat eyes, matte cheeks, and rich, colorful lips and nails.

artdeco dita von teese classics collection
Clockwise from the lipstick in the lower left: Art Couture Lipstick in Parlez-Vous 620, Lip Liner in Dame 10, Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady Red, Magnetic Beauty Box with Eyeshadows in 200, 582, 578, 371 and 369, and the Blusher in Ivresse 20; and Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle

While sold around the world, the Artdeco brand can be a little tough to find in stores here in the States, but that’s what the Internet is for. 🙂 (among other places online) currently carries the entire collection and ships pretty much worldwide.

I started dancing with the collection last weekend, and boy does it cut a rug! Granted, I’ve seen similar colors from other lines, but here you also get great presentation. The beautiful black packaging is decorated with fine details, like pinstripes and a silhouette of Dita, complete with her signature mole.

Even though the holidays are still months away (but approaching fast), I’m making a note to remind myself to come back to these when I start looking for gifts for the Dita fans in my life.

Here’s a look at a few eye-catching pieces from the collection…

Art Couture Lipstick in 620 Parlez-Vous (£18.5, or about $29 USD)

So, how many layers of lipstick does it take to get Dita’s classic lip look? Answer: with 620 Parlez-Vous, just one! This creamy, pigmented neutral red has a satiny finish that delivers Dita’s lip look quicker than you can say “burlesque.” It’s far and away my favorite piece in the collection!

Blusher in Ivresse 20 (£10.25, or $16 USD)

Like a lighter, pinker, softer version of the beautiful MAC Blushbaby with a name much more difficult to pronounce, Ivresse’s soft texture kinda reminds me of Shu Uemura blush. It takes three layers to really see it on my skin.

Lip Liner in Dame 10 (£9.75, or $15.40 USD)

A long-wearing, highly pigmented reddish magenta pencil loaded with antioxidants and vitamine E, Dame goes on smoothly, despite its hard texture. The sheen finish? Super pretty! And it even lasts through a meal.

Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle (£19.50, or $30 USD)

Nocturnelle reminds me of MAC Blacktrack but has more gray in it, and a slightly fluffier texture. Great for oily lids, and really easy to use. Plus, it’s waterproof, too!

Eyeliner Brush (£9.50, or $15 USD)

The Eyeliner Brush isn’t in the pictures here, but it’s not my favorite piece. Skinny, with soft, synthetic bristles, it’s lightweight, which I like, but it’s slightly bent/angled in a way that makes it a little difficult for me to use… I wager it’s a matter of personal preference. I do like the quality of the brush, but for some reason the shape makes it easier for me to do my right eye, but harder to do my left. Weird.

Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady Red (£10, or $15.60 USD)

I only need one layer of Dragon Lady Red for full opacity — awesome! Unfortunately, the chubby wand feels a little awkward in my paws…

Magnetic Beauty Box (£14, or $22 USD)

How cute is that Beauty Box up top?! Since it comes empty (boo!), you build your own palette by filling the case with Artdeco eyeshadows or blushes (yay!). As a design lover/nerd, I dig the details on the cover, but I wish the case was a little easier to open. I really need to press down on the latch to get it to open, gah!

Glamour Eyeshadows (£6, or $9.50 USD each)

Super soft and easy to blend, the Glamour Eyeshadows do exhibit quite a bit of fallout, so be sure to tap your brush before applying.

artdeco dita von teese classics collection lipstick

artdeco dita von teese classics collection liner
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Share a Tip Tuesdays: This Quick Cleanup Tip Rocked the Foundations of My Eye Makeup

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eye makeup tips
Using an Hourglass Foundation/Blush Brush No. 2

This week my tip is one I use pretty much every day. Since I like to apply my foundation before doing my eye makeup (but more on that in a few), my foundation brush is usually within arm’s reach, which is great, because I also use it to clean up after myself, by sweeping away any excess eyeshadow fallout.

Before I ever gave this a try, I just assumed the brush would only scoot the pigments around, rather than pick them up, making the issue of fallout even worse, but nope! Like a makeup Swiffer Sweeper, the brush picks up the pigments it can, and brushes the bigger crumbs away.

eye makeup tips

It saves from having to clean up with a cotton pad or cleansing water (I can be messy, after all).

eye makeup tips

On a related note, I didn’t always apply my foundation before my eye makeup. In fact, it’s actually a pretty recent development…
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