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Do Your Brows Need a Trim? Here’s One Way to Tell

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Before we get to brows (in just a sec), first things first — happy Friday! 🙂 Here, have a celebratory cup of chocolate macadamia kona coffee with me…

Mmmm, chocolately goodness…

I gotta power up today with some extra caffeine because your nephew kept me up with his shenanigans last night. He was being NAUGHTY! — in bold, all caps like that.

He kept running up and down the stairs all night long, who knows why, and then this morning, he used El Hub’s back as springboard, leaping into the air and landing in the middle of the bed.

But the worst — THE WORST — was the incessant pawing at the bottom of the linen closet door.

I don’t know why, but he’s become obsessed with opening and closing it. He hooks his claws under the narrow space at the bottom and pulls and pulls and pulls. It makes an incredible racket, starting off as a quiet bah-dump, bah-dump, bah-dump that turns into a fast and feverish thump-thump-thump-THUMP-THUMP! as he gets more and more fired up.

Finally, after about the third episode of this, probably around 3 a.m., I rolled out of bed and propped open the door. Of course, that took all the fun out of it for him, so he moved on to wreaking havoc somewhere else.

This is not the face of an angel…

Cats! You just can’t tell ’em what to do, but I guess that’s what gives them so much personality.

Now…I may have absolutely no control over Tabs, but I do have some control over my brows.

I usually maintain my brows myself at home because I’m a little reluctant to trust those little caterpillars to strangers (yes, I have control issues, LOL!), so I pluck to keep the strays at bay (always from below the brow, and never, ever above) and trim from time to time, too.

To determine if/when my brows need trimming, I grab a brow brush and brush my brows upward. If I see any long hairs that go past the natural shape of the brow, ding-ding-ding! — we have a winner. That’s when I’ll trim ’em down with a pair of scissors.

I just have to remember to work slowly, so as not to poke an eye out or snip away too much brow.

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MAC Illustrated Collection Makeup Bags

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Closeup of the MAC Petite Bag by Nikki Farquharson, one of six limited edition makeup bags in the upcoming MAC Illustrated Collection.

The pattern’s kinda trippy!

mac illustrated bags
Petite Bag by Nikki Farquharson ($30) on top and Small Bag by Francois Berthoud ($35) on the bottom

The collection arrives at North American MAC counters, stores and online at August 23, and internationally at select MAC locations in September.


I’m Drawn to Your Pigment and Wear Time, NARS Eyeliner Stylo

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nars eyeliner stylo

Ah, flexibility… It’s good, no? GREAT, in fact, especially when you’re battling Channing Tatum on the dance floor, wrangling friends into last-minute dinner plans or, say, applying liquid eyeliner.

Honestly, without the flexible tip at the end of my far-and-away favorite LORAC Front of the Line Pro, my liquid liner cat eye looks would look like a hot mess. That flexible tip makes drawing straight, crisp lines much easier for me and my sometimes shaky hand.

But because I suffer from chronic makeup madness (I believe that’s the clinical term), I’m predisposed to seek out other options…

You know how it goes. 🙂

Which brings me to the four new colors in the NARS Eyeliner Stylo line ($27 each).

Even though their tips are a little too firm for me (ruh-roh!), I wanted to test them with an open mind.

The four new shades — black Carpates, brown Nuku Hiva, navy Atlantic and grey Koala — are en route to, ETA August 1 (not sure if they’re also going to be available in stores).

nars eyeliner stylo tips
From top to bottom: Atlantic, Koala, Nuku Hiva and Carpates

nars eyeliner stylo swatches
Swatches from the left: Koala, Carpates, Nuku Hiva and Atlantic

nars eyeliner stylo
Wearing Koala on my eyes
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According to Sophisti-Cat Cosmetics, Meow Is a Purrfect Time for Cat-Inspired Makeup

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sophisti-cat cosmetics celebrate liquid lips
Wearing Sophisti-Cat Cosmetics Liquid Blush in Burlesque on my cheeks and Liquid Lips in Celebrate

Here, kitty. Come here, cat lady. Here, kitty-kitty-kitty. It’s time for treats!

Makeup treats. 🙂

I kid you not, I came this close to flopping on my back and showing my tum, tabby-style, when I heard about Sophisti-Cat Cosmetics.

It’s a new indie makeup line of products inspired by two of my favorite things: makeup and cats. And their motto? “…makeup should make you look as flawless as a feline.”

A sentiment with which Tabs wholeheartedly agrees…

sophisti-cat cosmetics tabs

The line features a husky selection of reasonably-priced products from powder eyeshadows to liners, powder and liquid blushes, loose pigments, a liquid cake eyeliner sealant, an eye and lip primer and lipsticks. Pieces range from $8-16 each, are made in the US and weren’t tested on animals.

Tabs wouldn’t stop making biscuits on my bare thighs this afternoon until I gave in to his demands to see pics and swatches. 🙂

sophisti-cat cosmetics super silky bold shadows
Super Silky and Bold Effect Shadows ($12 each)

sophisti-cat cosmetics super silky bold shadows

sophisti-cat cosmetics deception
Super Silky Shadow in Deception
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