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MAC Unsung Heroes: Ambering Rose Blush

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mac ambering rose blush

Reddish gold, reddish-reddish gold, what? Reddish gold, reddish-reddish gold, huh? Reddish gold, reddish-reddish gold, wussup?

Okay, so MAC Ambering Rose Blush ($20) recently prompted me to do two things. 1) It prompted me to try to find out if there really is such a thing as an ambering rose (she wrote, as she googled “ambering rose,” which turned up this, this and this), and 2) it prompted me to want to get the word out about this gorgeous reddish gold.

I think it looks ah-may-zing on medium and darker skin tones, in particular skin tones from NC and NW 40 on up, but it doesn’t disappoint on fairer maidens, either, especially when applied using a fan brush (like Sonia Kashuk’s $8 Duo Fibre Brush) and a very light touch.

mac ambering rose blush

How much red and gold Ambering displays depends on your skin tone. On my NC 42 skin, I get realms of red and golden shimmer with just a hint of apricot. The color reminds me of a sheerer, less intense, but more golden version of NARS Taos, and I started incorporating it into my regular rotation of pink blushes earlier this year to mix things up a little.

To Blushbaby, another love of mine, I say, “I still love ya to bits,” but there are days when mama needs a break from the standard same-o, same-o.

mac ambering rose blush swatch

mac ambering rose blush
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Benefit See & Be Seen Sasha

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Benefit’s newest scent, See & Be Seen Sasha Eau de Toilette, $36. Available now at Benefit counters, boutiques and online at

Official fragrance notes:

Top notes: orange flower absolute, apricot, pink freesia
Middle notes: ylang ylang, tiare flower, white peony, jasmine sambac
Base notes: crystal amber, liquid musk, vanilla


The Three New Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Liners Are Perfect for Pool Parties and All-Day Beach Barbecues

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Too Faced Perfect Moss
Wearing Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof liner in Perfect Moss

Forthwith, and with great alacrity, please accept the following addendum to my list of weekly goals from yesterday’s Monday Poll:

“Until further notice, I’m only shedding tears of joy.”

So if/when you share some great news with me, I’m totally allowed to get a little misty eyed, but I’m not allowed to shed any more sad tears (at least for now) or showcase runny eyeliner.

But don’t you worry — I’ll be prepared for any and all waterworks, rain storms and sweaty dance sessions with the cast of Magic Mike (80% on rottentomates!) thanks to the three new additions to the already awesome Too Faced family of waterproof pencil liners.

New for fall but available for pool parties and beach barbecues now, Perfect Moss, Perfect Navy and Perfect Espresso ($18 each) have perfect summer-timing and plenty of long-lasting pigment for lash and water lines. When I don’t feel like tugging or having to apply in layers, these no-budge liners really do the trick.

too faced perfect eyes

Like smoother, silkier Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, they also come with a firm yet flexible beveled smudge-er on the back end (reminiscent of a spatula). Mighty convenient for smoking out the edges of my lines.

Perfect Moss, with its shiny finish, revs my motor the most…

too faced perfect eyes
From the left: Perfect Navy, Perfect Moss and Perfect Espresso

too faced perfect eyes swatches
Swatches from the left: Perfect Espresso, Perfect Navy and Perfect Moss
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Say High Shine! These Full-Coverage Lip Creams From Too Faced Are La Crème of the Crop

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Too Faced La Creme in Juicy Melons
Wearing Too Faced La Crème in Juicy Melons

Between the cooking, cat walking, housecleaning, crying and quiet rumination I did last weekend, I also…

1. Got a massage

After two days inside, I had to get out of the house, so I finally used the spa gift card I’d been saving since Christmas to get a deep-tissue massage.

And I learned a valuable lesson that day about massage technicians formerly employed by professional football teams — that it’s not a good idea to tell one, “Gimme all ya got! I have a high tolerance for pain.”

Unless, of course, you really, really do.

2. Posed with The Biebs

No, seriously! He was at Macy’s. There he was, standing perfectly still by a display for his new fragrance, Girlfriend, so I just walked up, whipped out my iPhone, and click!

Which reminds me: Dear Justin, while I have absolutely no desire to wear this or any scent designed by a teenage boy, your display cutouts? — awesome.

3. Hardly wore any makeup at all

Heck, I barely had the wherewithal to fill in my brows, which for me is something tantamount to breathing, or wearing underwear, or eating on a regular basis.

Tabs did not approve.

He kept sending me passive aggressive texts about my wayward workplace appearance with excerpts from his new book, Tabs the Cat on Style: Everything You Need to Know to Live a Fashionable Life, like this little nugget: “A full-coverage lip color in a classic, elegant shade will do wonders for your look.”


Today is actually the first day in a week that he hasn’t given me the above “evil eye,” and I think it has something to do with these new Too Faced La Crème lip creams ($21 each), which are basically super soft lipsticks packed with pigment and shine.

too faced la creme
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