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A Liner Poseidon Would Use: The New Trident Shaped 3*Way Lash Lining Tool From Too Faced Creates Thicker, Fuller Lashes

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too faced 3 way lash lining tool

I need another black liquid liner like I need another reason to watch Magic Mike! — but that’s not stopping me from wanting another black liquid liner, especially a good one with the power of innovation. 🙂

Fellow liner lover, walk with me for a bit as we bat our lashes at the new 3*Way Lash Lining Tool from Too Faced ($22).

Do you suffer from chronic tardiness? (I do!) Thin lashes got you down? (Yup!)

If you answered in the affirmative to either of those inquiries, Too Faced feels they can help, and their solution takes a three-pronged approach.

The new 3*Way has a three-pronged tip — kinda like a trident — designed to create the illusion of a full lash line; the product doubles (triples?) as a liquid liner to draw both thin and thick lines, hence the name.

too faced 3 way lash lining tool tip

It works like this: starting at one end of your upper lash line, place the prongs at the base of your lashes between the roots. Gently apply pressure to dispense the liquid, stamping three black dots. Repeat along the full length of your lash line, filling in the spaces between your lashes.

When you’re done, your lash line should look a whole lot thicker.

Alternately, to use the 3*Way as a liquid liner for super skinny lines, just drag the edge of one of the three tips along your lash and water lines, or for thicker lines, like for cat eyes, make contact with all three tips placed flat.

Now, dotting liner along the base of your lashes and between the roots isn’t a new trick. Sometimes it’s referred to as “backing the lashes,” and truth be told, most any black liner, be it liquid or pencil, can deliver a similar effect.

too faced 3 way lash lining tool swatch

too faced 3 way lash lining tool hand
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Tired of Being Disappointed With Your Makeup? With Their New QVC Exclusive Kit, Tarte Asks, “What Has Your Makeup Done For You Lately?”

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tarte what has your makeup done for you lately

Every time I say the name of Tarte’s new $49 QVC exclusive kit, “What Has Your Makeup Done For You Lately?” (a $160 value) I think of this old-school Janet Jackson jam…

I find it really funny that I can’t remember the last name of that boy I dated for three months in my freshman year in college (Mike something-or-other? I want to say Mendoza?), but I can recite the lyrics from Janet’s video word for word!

“What’s up, girl?”

“He stood me up again.”



“Well, what’s up with this guy? Do you really like him that much?”

“Yes, honey, I love him. He is fine. He does a lot of nice things for me.”

“I know he used to do nice stuff for you, but what has he done for you lately?”

Don’t even get me started on the choreography. 🙂

But I digress…

Tarte’s latest makeup kit, a QVC exclusive (QVC and on July 13, features six pieces, most of them new.

For $49, or about 70 percent off the regular price of all of the products purchased separately, you get one LipSurgence Lip Shine in Smitten (a glossy pink), the new Pure Maracuja Oil Rollerball, the new Retoucher Flawless Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush, the new Maracuja Miracle 12-HR Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (choose from one of five shades in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Deep), the new modernEYES Waterproof Creaseless Shadow/Liner in Plumberry/Plum Brown, and a re-promoted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.

Oh — and as a bonus, you also get a sample jar of Tarte’s new Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment, a cream designed to conceal dark circles immediately and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

tarte what has your makeup done for you lately box

tarte what has your makeup done for you lately in hand

tarte what has your makeup done for you lately foundation
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Lighten Your Load and Perfect Your Pout With Too Faced Perfect Lips

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too faced perfect lips
Wearing Too Faced Cosmetics Perfect Lips in Perfect Red

QUESTION: Besides their affinity for beauty products, what do Tabs and the makeup bag I haul around in my purse have in common?

ANSWER: They both weigh almost 20 pounds!

Yeah, something here desperately needs streamlining, and this time I’m not referring to the cat.

Okay, 20 pounds is probably an exaggeration (for the bag, not the cat). It’s probably more like 1-2 pounds on most days. Maybe 5 every so often.

However much it weighs, it’s a lot.

All of those glosses, lipsticks, compacts, palettes, lip liners, and (occasionally) cans of Fancy Feast (always in gravy) definitely take some muscle to haul around, she said, her shoulder pulled low by the weight of a dozen products.

But my overworked shoulder felt a sudden rush of relief the first time I lined my lips with one of the four new Too Faced Perfect Lips liners ($17 each and available in four twist-up shades), not to be confused with the company’s Perfect Lips Universal Lip Pencil Liner, which only comes in a single shade and lacks a twist-up tip.

Perfect Nude, Perfect Pink, Perfect Spice and Perfect Red line and prime lips to boost the wear time of lipsticks and glosses worn on top of them, and they’re designed to wear well with a wide range of colors.

Take Perfect Pink, for instance. Even when I’m toting around 10 tubes of pink gloss (which happens), it’s neutral enough to work with just about all of them.

too faced perfect lips
From the left: Perfect Red, Perfect Nude, Perfect Pink and Perfect Spice

too faced perfect lip swatches
From the left: Perfect Nude, Perfect Pink, Perfect Spice and Perfect Red
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