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The NARS Calanque Eyeshadow Trio Is Totally Tab-ular

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nars calanque

CCL |ˈsē ˈsē ˈel|
1 Short for Crazy Cat Lady. One who spends inordinate amounts of time talking to cats, taking pictures of cats, and wearing cat-themed attire: if you wear a t-shirt that reads, “Tabby, or not tabby — that is the question,” you might be a CCL.

This is going to sound totally CCL (what else in new?), but the main reason I’ve been dying to get my paws on the NARS Calanque Eyeshadow Trio ($45) is because the colors remind me of my favorite husky tabby.

That I know I’ll be able to wear each of the three powder eyeshadows — a sheer shimmery beige with silver glitter, a pigmented pearly golden beige and a shimmery brownish khaki — every day is just a bonus (I’m a ho for neutrals).

Yeah, $45… C’mon, Francois, give a girl a break. 🙂 Why so pricey? The darkest of the palette’s three shadows even drops a little fallout when I use it to give depth to the outer corners of my eyes, or when I’m lining my lash lines with it. Granted, it’s not as bad as the fallout from the brown shade in Clinique’s Milly Pretty for Prints Palette, which deposits an obnoxious amount of shadow on my cheeks, but it’s still noticeable enough to make me snarl (“hrmph!”) at the price.

nars calanque

nars calanque in hand

nars calanque closeup
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Press-On Nail Stickers: Fab or Faux Pas?

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Press on, girly. We all just gotta press on…like Minx manicures. They press on. 🙂 Ever since Minx hit the scene a few years ago, press-on sticker nail coverings have been all the rage.

I generally try to keep adhesives away from my fingertips on account of an “incident” I had with a set of Lee Press-On Nails back when I was a kid (long story), so I’m not really into ’em, but when I spotted the new Glee-inspired Chic Print For Nails ($15) stickers at Sephora the other day, I almost caved!

What do you think of press-on nail stickers?

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P.S. Oh, HAPPY FRIDAY! If you plan to celebrate the end of the workweek with a little makeup, Hautelook is having a great sale on NYX. To partake, you do have to join Haute Look, but it’s free (they will send occasional emails) and only takes a second.

Is It Time to Get Fit? Maybelline Fit Me Foundation with SPF18

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When I think of a perfect fit, I picture J Brand skinny jeans or my yellow platform sandals; I don’t usually think of foundation.

But Maybelline hopes to change how we think of “perfect” this spring. Their new line of Fit Me foundations, concealers, powders, blushes and bronzes are designed to make finding your perfect shade that much easier to do.

Today I gave Fit Me Foundation ($8) a try — a liquid foundation designed to even skin tone without feeling heavy or looking like it’s caked on the skin.

After my date with the Fit Me Blushes yesterday afternoon, I thought the foundation would have that same casual makeup vibe.

For starters, it’s available in a whopping 18 shades with SPF 18, and the one I wore around the house today was 320 Honey Beige. The color’s not a great match for my skin tone, but it’s the closest of the ones I have right now.

Easy to blend, 320 covers most of the uneven patches and imperfections on my mug. I’d say the coverage is somewhere between sheer and medium, and it definitely doesn’t smooth as well as my current go-to foundation, Chanel Mat Lumiere.

I love how lightweight it feels, like I’m not wearing makeup at all. Maybelline also managed to keep the matte finish from looking flat.

Fit Me Foundations from the left with the flash: 110 Porcelain, 120 Classic Ivory, 320 Honey Beige and 355 Coconut

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