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The Tokidoki Chromatico Eye Palette in Bastardino Doesn’t Just Look Good on Dressers

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tokidoki eyeshadow review

Okay, so, most of us probably need another eyeshadow palette about as much as RuPaul needs another blonde wig. Perhaps that’s why the marketing mavens at Tokidoki decided to up the ante by adding an alluring treat to each of their three impossibly cute Chromatico Eyeshadow Palettes ($25 each).

Bastardino, Adios and Diamante come with a tiny charm tucked away in the bottom compartment. Aww! They’re like Happy Meals without the calories, but instead of a burger, fries and soda, you get four coordinating shades with vibrant pigmentation. 🙂

tokidoki eyeshadow review
Clockwise from lower left: Adios, Bastardino, Diamante

When the Tokidoki makeup line launched in Sephora earlier this year, I went a little crazy and picked up a few things, including the Chromatico palette in Bastardino. I’ve been using some of the other products, but the cute palette remained untouched on my dresser for all this time (I couldn’t bring myself to disrupt the pans!).

Lately, however, Sephora’s been heavily pushing the products online (have you seen the Tokidoki Me portal page?), so I pulled my palette down from its perch to finally give it a try.
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Hair Do or Don’t? Colorful Clip-In Hair Extensions in Your Team’s Colors

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Just added to the list of “things I’d never thought I’d live to see” — funky clip-in hair extensions made to look like sports team logos.

These are made by an outfit called Sports Hair Styles and give women (or very brave long-haired dudes) an unconventional way to support their favorite team ($12.95 each).

For the patriotic, there’s even the US flag!

While these hair extensions aren’t exactly my style, I could see how sports fiends and/or cheerleaders could rock ’em and look legit.

Would you wear clip-in hair extensions to support your favorite team?

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What do you think? Are these a hair do or don’t?

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5 Hot Tips for Bright, Glossy Lips

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I swear there’s a magic dial behind makeup counters that associates can use to crank up the brightness of their lipglosses because shiny shades of red, coral, fuchsia, neon orange and hot pink are blossoming right before my eyes!

Bright, glossy lips are among my favorite things about summer. Here are five hot tips to get your pretty kisser primed and ready to glow!

1. Prevent pigmented glosses from drifting past your natural lip line

Once I spent an entire day sightseeing in San Francisco without realizing I had bright red lipgloss smeared all over my chin… I’d assumed folks were staring because they wanted to be friends, but when a highly pigmented gloss creeps past your natural lip line, it’s like wearing a big sign on your forehead that reads, “WHEE! LOOK AT ME! I LOOK LIKE A CRAZY!” 🙂

To halt the migration, start by lining the outer edges of your lips with a clear lip liner like Benefit D’finer D’liner ($20). Because it’s clear, it won’t alter the shade of the gloss you’re wearing and won’t lead you down the path to pigment overkill.

2. Exfoliate for an even, smooth surface and maximum shine

Smooth lips love gloss and look downright dazzling in bright sunlight. Pump up the volume of your favorite glosses with some gentle exfoliation.

I like to mix MAC Naked Honey Salve (Rosebud Salve works well, too) with a pinch of granulated sugar and rub the concoction against my lips with a finger for a minute or two. Presto! — a soft and smooth pucker, no flakes included.
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