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Balms Away! Hawaiian Bath & Body Pineapple Lip Balm

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Hawaiian Bath and Body Review Pineapple Lip Balm open

Yes, I made it out of the Land of Aloha with more than handmade, cold process soap! For starters, I brought home this bag of red coconut ball candy:

It looks kinda scary, but trust me — this stuff is great (if you like coconut). One could easily devour a bag in a single sitting. Um, not that I’d know…

Besides crazy technicolor sweets, I also brought home a tube of Pineapple Lip Balm ($3) from a local company called Hawaiian Bath & Body.

Hawaiian Bath and Body Review Pineapple Lip Balm
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You’ll Love This Soap, Child: The Indigenous Soap Company

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indigenous soap company love child review

Tangerine essential oil has a calming effect? For reals? Just when I thought I had enough Hawaiian handmade soap to keep me squeaky clean until summer, I ran into this bar of Love Child, made by The Indigenous Soap Company ($8.50 for 5-oz.).

A line on the packaging about tangerine oil, which supposedly helps children chill the eff out, sealed the deal.

indigenous soap company love child review calming effect

Even though my childhood was — holy crap! — decades ago, I need all the calming help I can get on high stress days. If tangerine oil takes my mental sh*zz down a notch or two, then I’m all for it.

Love Child’s one of seven soaps from the small local line, which is based on Oahu. I snagged a bar when I was at the Blue Hawaii Cafe at Ala Moana getting an acai bowl the other day (ever have one of those? so good!), but you can buy ’em at stores all over Hawaii and online at

indigenous soap company website

This particular soap’s supposed to be gentle enough for kids, and I’d believe it from the short and sweet ingredient list. It’s made with lots of natural good-for-your-skin stuff (like shea butter and aloe vera gel) and without synthetic preservatives, color or fragrance.

Small touches like the “born on” date, drawings, feel-good text and the hidden “soap of fortune” lend a really personal touch.

indigenous soap company love child review ingredients

indigenous soap company love child review soap fortune
So that’s all I needed to free my doubts, *smacks forehead*!
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Essie Winter Collection 2010: Have We Met Before?

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essie winter collection 2010 reviews swatches photos

De ja vu — the feeling you are doing something you’ve done before.

De ja vu — the feeling you are doing something you’ve done before.

De ja vu — the feeling you are doing something you’ve done before.

De ja vu…

I started feeling kinda funny when I was swatching the new Essie Winter Collection, and I’m pretty sure it’s not because of jet lag (I’m back in the Bay, by the way… haha, I just made a rhyme).

About halfway through I figured out why the de ja vu had set in; the limited edition collection ($8 per bottle or $48 for a boxed set of six) kinda looks a little like their last one.

Essie Winter Collection 2010 (left) and Essie Fall Collection 2010 (right)

Anyone else get the feeling Essie was going for a remixed version of fall? The colors aren’t exactly the same, but both collections share some strong similarities, like a single pop of green, a red shade and two purplish polishes.

Essie aimed for mysterious, decadent and elegant colors with the new release, and I think she nailed it (heh) with the darker Luxedo (a blackend purple), Masquerade Belle (a blackened blood red reminiscent of Chanel Vamp), Hot Coco (a creamy brownish taupe) and Smokin’ Hot (a graphite grayish purple).

The two lighter shades, Going Incognito (a jade green) and Silken Cord (a bright red), feel a little out of place with the others because they’re so… sprightly. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas colors are cool, especially if you’re in the mood for a festive holiday mani/pedi, but when I see these two together I can’t help but think of Santa’s elves running around the workshop in pointy shoes and green tights. Not exactly mysterious, decadent and elegant, ya know?

All the shades in this release have a creamy finish and lots of shine. With the exception of Going Incognito (streaky!), they went on smoothly, taking just two thin coats for full opacity.

Take a peek at the swatches below and let me know watcha think.
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MAC Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by Nicki Minaj

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The very, very limited edition MAC Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by Nicki Minaj ($14.50), available online December 3, 10 and 17 while supplies last.

A wee bit o’ backstory: Nicki Minaj is a rapper. She’s worked with a lot of famous hip hop/RNB artists over the last two years and just recently released her debut album, Pink Friday. Her makeup style’s kinda out there, which I think makes her a good fit for MAC.

You’re officially the if you can name the background sample used in this song.

Anywho, what do you think of this lipstick? Too pink? Not pink enough? DO TELL, Barbies!

Essie Winter Collection’s Looking a Lot Like Christmas

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The six-piece, limited edition Essie Winter Collection, clockwise from bottom right: Going Incognito, Luxedo, Masquerade Belle, Smokin’ Hot, Hot Coco and Silken Cord ($8 each or $8 for a six-piece set).

That red and green on the end are kinda Christmasy, right?

I got home at midnight last night and am still a little jet-lagged, but I’ve got enough coordination in me to have swatches of these up later on today for ya. 😉

Happy Thursday!

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