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Saturday Surfing

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OMG, ladies! I’d hoped to spend a relaxing evening last night painting my toenails while watching the latest ep of Project Runway, but that was before Parsons changed from a design school to Off-Broadway theater! I mean, I might have to stop watching the show before bed! Seriously, that’s how intense it got. Did you watch it? It went from Casanova having a breakdown during the challenge (“I should just design for old lady slut flamenco dancers!”) to the routinely refined Tim Gunn putting the humiliating smack down on the Lord of the Flies losing team for letting Gretchen “manipulate” them. I literally leapt off the couch and raised the roof: “Tim, yer the man!”

I was so wound up after watching it that I couldn’t get to sleep until well past midnight. Consequently, I slept in a little later than usual even for a Saturday; hence the late Saturday Surfing. 🙂

As for the rest of my day, other than some cleaning around the house, it’s w i d e open. I might try to go see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World this afternoon… Have you seen it? I wonder if it’s any good.

It’s a little late in the day for surfing (the tide’s out), but would you like to catch some e-waves with me?

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Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! Keep smilin’!

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Milani Bare It All and My Friday Night Pedicure

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Milani Bare It All Swatches
Milani Bare It All Polishes clockwise from bottom: Teddy-Bare, Bare With Me, Bare In Mind, Bare To Wear, Bare Necessity, Truth or Bare

Aloha nui loa (new ee low ah), ladies. pink hibiscus

Translation: Very much love.

My in-laws left to return to Hawaii early this morning, and Tabs, El Hub and I were so sad to see them go.

I can’t lie, though… I’m exhausted. After two exciting weeks filled with good conversation, I’m looking forward to just quietly going to bed early (after watching the latest Project Runway while I paint my nails, of course).

What were your Friday plans? Did you live la vida loca tonight?

After the past two weeks, I need a little break from excitement, so I think I’ll paint my nails with something subtle, like one of these colors from Milani’s limited edition Bare It All collection ($4.50 each).

I think the six polishes, which come in shades of pink, peach, taupe and gray, really suit my current mood. Since I have some nail swatching to do tomorrow, I’m only going to paint my toes tonight, and I could use your help choosing a color.

Which one’s your favorite?

Milani Bare It All Swatches in Bare to Wear, Bare in Mind and Bare With Me
Swatches from left: Bare to Wear, Bare in Mind, Bare With Me

Milani Bare It All Swatches in Teddy-Bare, Truth Or Bare and Bare Necessity
Teddy-Bare, Truth Or Bare, Bare Necessity

Which Milani Bare It All polish do you like best?

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I Like NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, as a Matte-er of Fact

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nars pure matte review

You know what they say, right? You can take the girl out of the ’90s, but you can’t take the ’90s out of the girl.

Well, I’ve never actually heard that before…but wouldn’t it make an awesome fortune cookie?

Back in the day matte lipstick was my BFF, and I always had at least one in my little black backpack (gawd, remember those?). I loved the look, but dangnabbit those old school matte formulas made my lips dry and flaky!

After all these years, I still love matte lips, and now with uber-moisturizing formulas like the one in new NARS Pure Matte Lipstick ($25), matte lips can be comfy, too (think spaghetti strap dress/baby-T combo, circa 1995).

Available in six shades with spectacular geographic names — Volga (a deep aubergine), Bangkok (a soft rose), Tonkin (a plum), Tere De Feue (a blackish cherry), Tashkent (a nude beige) and Vesuvio (a bold red) — the unscented, unflavored line conditions lips with hydrating vitamin E, wild mango butter and acai oil.

All four of the ones I’ve kissed so far feel smooth and soft on my lips. The texture’s considerably thicker than the similarly packaged MAC Mattenes (which I happen to like a lot), but isn’t as slick/slippery.

Lipstick Tips from Francois Nars

  • For a modern matte look, choose a lip color close to your natural skin tone, or pair a darker lip color with simple face makeup
  • For full, hard-to-miss lips, go with an audacious color spruced up with a dab of gloss or shimmer applied in the middle
  • Use lip liner to fill the shape of your lips, but make sure you blend out any obvious edges
  • Avoid over-applying your lipstick; the more you wearing, the heavier it looks (and, interestingly, the quicker it wears off)

nars pure matte lipstick swatches review tonkin
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