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Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams: Multitasking to the Extreme!

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Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Shadow in Pink Beach on eyes, Peach on Cheeks and lips

It’s almost that time of year — hot weather, humidity, glittery purple sweat trickling down your forehead and ruining your carefully applied makeup right as you make eye contact with that cute boy on the train…

Been there, done that. 🙂

Just in time for summer, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams ($22 each) are here!

These 21 creamy colors aren’t just waterproof; they’re also multitasking, moolah-saving monsters, with some of them usable on the eyes and cheeks, and others on the cheeks and lips. Convenient, yah?

make up for ever aqua cream review

make up for ever aqua cream review

The honor students at Make Up For Ever designed the Aqua Creams with extreme photo shoots in mind (as in extreme environments). They resist perspiration, smudging, creasing and tears (YES!). Also, like that ill-advised, scripty tattoo of Raul on your left boob, they ain’t going anywhere, any time soon. Once dry — and they dry in 1-2 minutes flat — they last and last and last.
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Makeup Organization Ideas: MAC Paint Pots, Pigments or Fluidlines

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Another makeup organizational treasure from the craft store, babes!

I found this clear ArtBin box with 18 compartments at Joanne for about $7. Each cubby is big enough to fit a MAC Paint Pot, Pigment or Fluidline (Benefit Creaseless Creams and Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams also fit nicely, too).

I used to keep ’em jumbled up in a single drawer, but it took forever to find the color I wanted, and whenever I’d move one pot, all the others would move too. With the pots separated like this, I can always find exactly what I need quickly.

Added bonus: the containers are see-through, stackable and portable, too.

I know there’s a lot of cream shadows in one space in these pics, and most women probably don’t hoard as much as I do, LOL! Things just start to add up after one avidly collects for a few years…

MAC Unsung Heroes: Soft Brown Eyeshadow

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mac soft brown

Oh, the buckets of glittery tears I’d shed if MAC ever discontinued Soft Brown Matte Eyeshadow ($14.50).

Don’t be fooled by how uninspiring it looks in the pan. Soft Brown’s like the sun and the rain, and it makes my life a foolish game. Okay, well, that may be going a little too far, but I do think I could probably wear it every day for the rest of my life (no joke).

Because it’s a color I reach for so often, I think of Soft Brown as an “anchor” shade — like the glue that holds many of my eye looks together.

Worn in the crease, Soft Brown’s warm orangey brown gives depth and dimension to smokey looks. In a matte finish, I think it also ups the contrast of any shimmery shades I wear with it in blue, green, peach, pink — you name it.

A few shots of Soft Brown in action…
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9 Things: Times You Took a Chance

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Lately I’ve been trying to reconnect with my inner risk taker. No, not the “Danger, Will Robinson!” one (I’m glad she’s gone!). I’m referring to the me who used to take chances.

You know how it is. You’re faced with a choice — you can either play it safe and take the simply “okay” outcome, or you can go the riskier route and shoot for the potentially awesome ending.

I was more willing to take chances when I was younger, and with that courage came some great things. When I think about how fearless I was back then, well, I’m kind of amazed! I guess I always just assumed I’d land every leap of faith, but then you come up short a few times, life knocks you around, and pretty soon you don’t know if you can afford another miss. You start to play it safe — first once, and then again, and again, until pretty soon you’re playing it safe all the time.

Today I tried to think of the times I took chances in my life, and here are the nine that came to mind (in no particular order):

1. Chopping off my hair

After a bad breakup in my 20s, I traded my long, elbow-length black hair for a short, chin-length bob with red streaks. I felt like I needed a change, and the easiest place to start was on the top of my head. 🙂 Sure, it’s cliché, but I felt liberated afterward, even though the back of my neck was always freezing!

2. Skydiving

I always wanted to jump out of an airplane and finally went for it about 10 years ago. And I did it without telling my mom. Woman was PISSED when she found out! Now, whenever I feel afraid of something, I remind myself that I willfully hurled my body from a moving airplane thousands of feet above the ground.

3. Drama, One-Oh-One

As a kid, I was painfully shy, and then when I started high school, I decided I didn’t want to be that way anymore, so I enrolled in drama and public speaking, both of which really helped me break out of my shell.

4. Yellow nail polish

The first time I saw a bottle of yellow nail polish I thought, “Weird!” But thank goodness I went there. A good yellow polish always brightens my mood.

Essie Shorty pants, from the Neon collection
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YSL Gloss Pur: Hello, Hibiscus!

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ysl gloss pur

Things I wish I had fewer of: chin hairs, Nutella cravings, and embarrassing outbursts.

Things I wish I had more of: pairs of shoes with four-inch heels, free time, and colorful yet low-maintenance lipglosses.

I may be blind as a bat without my glasses and shorter than most middle schoolers, but at least my lips look good thanks to Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur in #9 Pur Hibiscus ($30). 🙂

Loaded with shine, this fuchsia cutie is one of four glosses in the YSL summer makeup collection (NOTE: YSL’s rolling all four shades into their permanent line). Its semi-sheer, easy-to-wear color means not having to worry about gloss edging past your natural lip line or accidentally smearing all over your face.
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