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New in Beauty, Jan. 27: A Bronze Goddess Gets Summer Stripes and NARS Gets Matte About Lips

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New in Beauty

Congratulations on making it to hump day with me, ladies! 🙂 I can see the summit, with the weekend not far below. Let’s do this!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Like That Cameo Song, Smashbox’s New Heartbreaker Is Sweet Like Can-Daaaaaay!

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Y’know, the candy necklaces with the beads? 🙂 I went through a phase where I wore ’em 24/7 (that was many moons ago).

The first time I tried Heartbreaker ($18), Smashbox’s first perfume, it hit me like a candy necklace in the face!

Luckily, it dries down quickly, (30 minutes or so) first into a dessert-worthy mix of vanilla wafers and warm caramel, and ending as a whisper-light gardenia and musk. For an eau de parfum, it really doesn’t last too long (about four hours total), but sweet is definitely the theme all the way.
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Time Balm Concealer Blows Dark Circles Away

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After using The Balm’s Time Balm Concealer for about a month, I gotta say — this stuff is totally legit (too legit to quit, even!).

It’s already replaced Dior Sculpt as my Numero Uno concealer love, making it worthy of a celebratory head bang (insert flying hair, rocking head and sign of the beast [HERE]).

Oh, Time Balm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

First, price, which at $18 is $13 less than a tube of Dior Sculpt. Sure, neither one is drugstore-level affordable, but $18 sounds a lot better than $31 (and that extra $13 could go toward a tube of something wonderful like MAC Nymphette… I’m just sayin’.)

Time Balm Concealer in Medium

Yet price isn’t even the main reason I heart this tamer of dark circles so much. Quality is. In just about every way, I give Time Balm the edge over Dior Sculpt.

Time Balm: The Deets

Available in six shades from light to medium-dark (find them at Sephora), this cream concealer comes in a wee pot with a screw-on top and an applicator sponge. SIDE NOTE: I actually ditched the sponge, finding it a little too small for me and difficult to use. I prefer to apply and buff it with a foundation brush.

One issue I often have with concealers is how many will settle into my fine lines and look obvious after a few hours of wear. I’ve struggled to find ones that appear to blend into my skin, as opposed to sitting directly on top of it.
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