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Band-Aid Friction Block Stick Makes Flip-Flops More Comfortable

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Locals in Hawaii wear flip-flops everywhere, even to work! It may be written into the State Constitution 🙂 — that all citizens of Hawaii are legally required to wear flip-flops.

But wearing them comfortably can take some getting used to…

After a few days hauling my cookies around the island in flip-flops, my dogs started to bark. The pair of striped blue and green Roxy slippers I’d brought along for the trip may have been cute, but they weren’t substitutes for a comfy pair of walking shoes.

I started developing blisters and raw skin wherever the flip-flop straps rubbed against my toes and feet.

With shoes and sandals, I usually apply a Band-Aid or Moleskin to cover the sore spots, but I wanted a less obvious alternative to use with flip-flops. Who wants to see a ratty Band-Aid hanging on by a thread, ya know?

Enter Band-Aid Friction Block Stick ($8), aka a minor miracle for tow-up feet.

How does it work?


Band-Aid Friction Block Stick is a solid stick shaped like a mini-deodorant. It’s pocket-sized, fitting into the palm of my hand, and reduces friction caused wherever footwear makes contact with your skin.

It dries to form a clear, smooth barrier — kinda like an invisible Band-Aid.

I busted out the stick I’d brought along for the trip when my flip-flops rubbed my skin raw.

It dries quickly and works for hours, through miles of walking in hot, humid, sandy conditions, and even worked when my feet were sweatin’ like Whitney and Bobby Brown.

And it works in more ways than advertised, too. Before surfing, I applied it to my inner thighs and forearms — places that usually get rubbed raw by the board. It worked just as well as Vaseline but without the greasy mess.
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Comment to Win MAC Style Warrior Eversun Beauty Powder Blush

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This giveaway is closed! I’ll be contacting the winner soon. Thank you for entering!

mac style warrior eversun tabs smile with your eyes

Reunited, and it feels so good

Hello from the mainland, ladies. I returned home late last night and then woke up at the crack o’ dawn this morning to pick up Tabs from the Hotel Cattyfornia. He insisted that I provide “limo service” so that he could get in an early photo shoot with his new MAC Style Warrior collection goodies. He claims early morning light is the best for his fur, go figure!

Tabs says that MAC Style Warrior brings out the animal in him. He hearts it, and now he wants you to heart it, too.

The prize

mac style warrior eversun beauty powder blush

One lucky lady will win an Eversun Beauty Powder Blush from the MAC Style Warrior Collection (an $18 value).

It’s a neutral peachy bronze with gold pearl and one of my favorite items from the release (you might remember it from last year’s Beauty Powder Blush collection).

mac style warrior eversun

This versatile blush creates a light flush that balances out bold eyes. I like to wear it with green and purple on the eyes and neutral lip, but you can pretty much wear it with anything.

How to enter

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your favorite item is from the MAC Style Warrior collection.

My favorite item from the MAC Style Warrior collection is Eversun Beauty Powder Blush!

I’ll pick the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59PM PST Wednesday night.

Meow mrrrroow (Tabs claims that’s “good luck” in kitty language!),

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


This giveaway is closed! I’ll be contacting the winner soon. Thank you for entering!

How to Wear Glasses to Look Sexy: Because They Already Know You’re Smart!

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Today Aisha gives us a few tips on how to wear eye makeup with glasses.

How to wear makeup with glasses

Okay ladies, let’s start this post with a short quiz for those of you who wear glasses:

QUIZ: If you wear glasses…

  1. Would ripping a contact lens before something like your best friend’s wedding trigger a minor panic attack due to the thought that you might have to wear your glasses to the wedding instead?
  2. Do you secretly wish you could look as cool (and therefore be as cool) as Tina Fey in glasses?
  3. Does your collection of eyeshadows look more colorful than a bag of Skittles?

If you answered yes to … well, ANY of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place. With some creativity, your awesome eyeshadow collection and a few rules of thumb, you, too, can look as spectacularly sexy in spectacles as Jennifer Garner did in Alias.

Before I show you some evening looks, here are 10 basic tips for wearing glasses with makeup.

10 beauty tips for girls who wear glasses

  1. Your eyebrows frame your eyes when you wear glasses, so keep them well groomed.
  2. Under-eye circles are more noticeable beneath glasses, so good concealer is a must.
  3. Cream and waterproof eyeshadows are less likely to flake onto your glasses than loose powders or pressed eyeshadows. If one type creases, try another. The likelihood of creasing often varies from one person to another.
  4. Shimmer CAN be worn under glasses.
  5. Keep trying on your glasses during makeup application to see if the look needs adjusting.
  6. Curling your eyelashes may prevent them from touching the inside of your lenses.
  7. If you’re blind without your glasses, a pair of these Magnifier Specs may help with application.
  8. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and to reduce squinting, which can cause fine lines to appear around the outer eye area.
  9. When choosing a frame, spend the extra money for a quality anti-reflective coating and high index polycarbonate lenses.
  10. Keep your lenses clean and fog-free with lens cleaner and a soft cloth.

Look One: Dramatic false lashes

Now that you have some basic guidelines, here are a few dramatic evening looks to spark your creativity!


My first model, Q, has a simple dark frame — nothing too overpowering. She’s wearing a light but vivid pearly color, strong black eyeliner and mascara, dark brows, and a dark, shimmery, glossy lip color. She also has dramatic false eyelashes on her lower eye line.


First, I applied Hourglass Oxygen Foundation Powder No. 3 and then used Shu Uemura Cover Crayon as concealer and eyeshadow base.

Next, I applied MAC Naked Lunch (a pearly light peach) all over the lid before applying Shu Uemura Cream Eye Shadow in P Light Green (a pearly lime green) to the lower part of the lid and inner corner of her eye.

I think a synthetic brush works best for blending this cream shadow.

The top semi-hardened layer of the eyeshadow in the pot should be wiped off prior to each use. Here, I used MAC Cloudbound (pearly ivory) to highlight.

Finally, I blended the upper area and curled the upper eyelashes, applying Fresh Supernova Mascara to the ones on top.


I used a nail clipper to trim the four end sections of a set of Darkness false eyelashes in style X-up6 in Black. Darkness can be found in some beauty supply stores and is available online, but the styles vary among sellers. Other inexpensive false eyelash brands will work just as well; that’s what experimentation is for. 🙂

Since I used an eyelash intended for an upper lid, I removed the sticky residue from the band with makeup remover.
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