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You Must Choose: The Sasquatch Edition

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With summer and lighter clothing right around the corner, my never-ending battle against excess fur kicks into overdrive this weekend. Not only have I been too lazy to wax, but I hate shaving. That, and I don’t have the pain tolerance for laser hair removal. Avoidance of hair removal = furry Karen. I’m a straight-up YETI right now.

But I’ve reached my limits; I’ve hit the hairy wall. It’s time to deal with this fur situation one way or another.

YOU MUST CHOOSE! — the Sasquatch Edition.

Sasquatch Situation #1

Would you rather 1) have a really hairy bum (I’m talking shag carpet hairy), or 2) no eyebrows? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

Sasquatch Situation #2

You finally meet your dream boy. He’s perfect in every way … except for one little hair issue. Unfortunately, he’s inherited a rare disease which causes hair to grow unchecked in specific places. Waxing, shaving — NOTHING stops it from growing, and when his hair gets removed, it instantly reappears. Poof!

If you could choose which parts of his body exhibited the disease, would you rather they be 1) his nose and ears, or 2) his back (where you could braid it for him)? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

Sasquatch Situation #3

It’s time for a haircut, so you head to your favorite stylist’s chair for summer bee-yoo-ti-ficatin. Sadly, your stylist has just switched meds, and he frequently falls a little off his rocker. He handcuffs you to the chair and proclaims you his hostage!
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Beauty Snacks: Sites of the Day

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iCiNG –
Gala is a gifted Australian beauty blogger with a devilishly quirky sense of humor. Her uplifting outlook has brought many a smile to my face.

Pink Is The New Blog
Trent just cracks me up. He writes about celebrity stuff, but unlike Perez Hilton he can do it without being mean (most of the time).

Rich blogs for VH1, and they’re damn lucky to have him. With his dry sense of humor, random cat videos and shameless love for Mariah Carey, he makes animated .gif images into works of art.
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MAC Cosmetics Woodwinked Pink and Gold Face of the Day

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Shhh… I have a secret beauty tip. If you ever wake up looking like an extra in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, reach for MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow ($14). Its warm, golden shimmer restores life to dead tired eyes.

And good thing it does because I needed it this morning. I was CRANKY! I haven’t slept well this week and for the third day in a row woke up looking like a zombie. When it got time for me to get ready for work, I really wanted to just leave my ratty hair uncombed, throw on some sweats and skip my makeup altogether (gasp!).

But I knew that walking around like that all day long would have made me feel even worse, so I threw on a dress and picked up my pan of Woodwinked.

Fifteen minutes later, zombie girl had left the building. Woodwinked made my eyes look bright, alert and awake. Easy, and fewer calories than a latte.


The basic eye…

  1. MAC Shroom eyeshadow applied directly beneath the highest point in the arch of each eyebrow
  2. MAC Neutral Pink eyeshadow on the browbone
  3. MAC Saddle eyeshadow in the crease
  4. MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow on the lid, barely into the crease and along the lower lash line
  5. MAC Kitschmas Pigment on the inner third of the eye (side closer to the nose)
  6. MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack on the upper and lower waterlines



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Chipped Nails: A Faux Pas No More?

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According to a story in The New York Times, a new trend in nails has lazy women everywhere jumping for joy! Get this: chipped nail polish.

On the fingers of some fashion-forward women, streaked, chipped and basically tow-up nails are replacing well-manicured nails.

“Over the last few years — since the era of the skull print scarf, let’s say, or the (metaphorical) rise of the Olsen twins — having streaked, chipped or just plain grotty nail polish no longer suggests drug addiction, manual labor or pure laziness. Like untied high-tops, thread-worn jeans and bedhead, it’s now part of a deliberate look.

And chipped polish is not sported solely by nail-biting school students and downtown punkers. It has been spotted uptown, in professional settings and gala parties, behind department store sales counters and even (gasp!) on beauty and fashion industry insiders.

Anyone can get caught between manicures. But now women no longer have to sit on their hands when they do.” (free registration required)

This works out great for me. Lazy women rejoice! Is it a sign of the times? Are we too busy to take care of our nails? Homemakers, businesswomen, fashionistas, students, beauty bloggers — we all lead busy lives. Where does painting your nails rank on your list of things to do?

I’m all for new trends and the evolution of style, but I think chipped nails look messy. Hell yeah, I’m certainly guilty of sporting chipped nails from time to time (BlackBerry/CrackBerry typing wreaks havoc on nail polish, girl!), but rarely on purpose.

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MAC Cosmetics Solar Field: More Warm Than Hot

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A companion to the just-released Neo Sci Fi collection, MAC’s new Solar Field boasts shimmery powders and bronzers to complement Neo Sci Fi’s summery pink, bronze and plum shades.


Early this morning I visited my nearby Nordstrom MAC counter to check out MAC’s new releases. When I opened my first jar of Solar Bits, one of the Solar Field collection’s four loose highlighting powders for cheeks and eyes, I thought “spacey and weird.” The coarse, chunky powder made me think of the surface of Mars.

I’ve been told the MAC folks created the chunky texture on purpose. The chunks are highly condensed clusters of shimmery pigment.

The MAC Cosmetics website suggests using Solar Bits for a sheer wash of shimmer to highlight cheeks and eyes. Two synthetic brushes, MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush and MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush, are being sold as part of the collection.


Crushing the chunks into a fine powder before applying seemed to produce more intense color and sparkle. I didn’t try to use Solar Bits this way, but I’m guessing you could also use it as an eyeshadow. I had a great time crushing the chunks down with my fingers when I swatched the colors on my arm and found the act weirdly satisfying, like popping bubble wrap.

I can see a number of uses for Solar Bits, but the stuff is flat-out messy, and that turned me off a little. The product got all over the place.

I liked all four colors (listed below) but wasn’t wow-ed enough to bring any of them home. Their versatility makes them worth checking out, though. Next time you visit a MAC counter, open a jar (carefully) and squash a few chunks. Trust me, it’s fun.

Solar Bits ($19.50)

  • Sunpower – light metallic tan with gold pearl
  • Black Ore – rich black with gold pearl
  • Scatterays – soft metallic peach with gold pearl
  • Bronzescape – clean yellow brown with gold pearl

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