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Fabulous post-vacation skin and hair products to the rescue!

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I got back from my fun-in-the-sun Hawaii vacation and found that frolicking in the saltwater, sand and sun did a number on my skin and hair. So last week I was all about skin and hair repair! I found these lovely products helped to get my post-vacation self scrubbed, moisturized and glowy.
Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub & Exfoliating gloves from Parissa
Here’s your math for the day: Incredible Spreadable Scrub plus exfoliating gloves from Parissa equals skin smoother than a baby’s butt. Seriously. Incredible Spreadable Scrub is a salt and olive oil based exfoliator, so if you have open cuts or just got waxed don’t use it cause it will hurt like a mofo. But if your post-vacay skin is need of some serious scrubbing then this gets the job done.

The one thing that I’ve found that takes this scrub from good to great are the white exfoliating gloves which come “free” in Parissa’s waxing kits. I wax at home, so I accumulate quite a few of these gloves. And even though I’ve used other brands of exfoliating gloves in the past, for some reason the ones from the Parissa kits get the job done really well.

Don’t be surprised if you end up leaving a ring around the tub. I’m serious ladies and gents … it works.

Ocean Potion Aloe Gel
This is the best aloe gel I’ve ever used. It’s light, absorbs easily, doesn’t feel sticky and is super hydrating. I hardly ever peel but when I get the sense that my skin has had too much fun-in-the-sun I slap a layer of this on at night on my arms, shoulders, or wherever it feels dry and tight and my skin is as good as new the next morning. You don’t need to use a lot and at seven bucks a bottle it’s quite a steal.

Bumble & Bumble Super Rich Conditioner
The price tag is steep on this conditioner but it is well worth the price if you’ve got hair that’s dried out from saltwater, chlorine and sun exposure. The texture is thick but not goopy, and it sinks right in. I use a small dollop and concentrate on the ends and voila – soft and shiny hair! And did I mention the smell is divine? It’s light and floral, like honeysuckle.

I’ve got a bad case of post-vacation blues. I think I miss being in the water more than anything else. If you live somehwere where the ocean temperature is 70 degrees take a dip or go surfing for me today so I can live vicariously through you!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Great Products for Your Next Summer Vacation

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I’m back from vacation! I’m still jet lagged and exhausted but I’m glad to be home in one piece. The hubby and I did a ton of fun stuff during our visit to Hawaii. This visit was all about outdoor fun in the sun. We snorkeled at Shark’s Cove, took surf lessons and swam with dolphins. We were pretty busy every day of the week, so even though I brought my usual travel makeup I only had time (and energy) to put on a few essentials. Here are the products I used that stood up to the heat and humidity and didn’t require lot of effort:
Biotherm Forget It Concealer
Being relaxed and tan on vacation is the ultimate under eye dark circle remover, but sometimes a girl needs a little help. I love this stuff because I don’t have to use a lot of it (just the tiniest drop) yet it covers thoroughly and is easy to apply with or without a brush. It doesn’t feel heavy or cakey and once I put it on it barely budges. I have this in the color “30.” The only drawback is the color selection – there are only three shades to choose from. $14.00 for a tube. (read more…)

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