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Drugstore Favorites from Allure Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards

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It’s summer vacation time which means I’ve got to start saving some money for the upcoming trip to Hawaii.

Although I’m in deep saving mode, I still need to get get my makeup and beauty fix, so I’ve been hanging out at the drugstore (Rite Aid and Long’s are two local faves) and perusing many of the products featured in the 2007 Allure Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Here’s a quick round of up of the drugstore makeup and skin care products women across America voted as the best of the best.


L’Oreal Paris Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss in Watermelon Crush
L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in Sugar Plum (read more…)

June 4-6, 20007: Comments For a Cancer Cure at the Beauty Blog Network!

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June 4-6 are Comments for a Cancer Cure Days at the Beauty Blog Network. Here’s what you can do to raise money for cancer awareness and prevention: Visit one of the Beauty Blog Network participating sites. Leave a comment. It’s that easy!

Based on the number of blog comments they receive on their posts during those three days, blog owners will donate a pre-determined amount per comment to a cancer organization of their choice, like the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There’s also a Cafe Press store with plenty of cute items featuring the logo above (all Cafe Press proceeds will go to The Brain Tumor Foundation) and an Ebay Auction with goody bags filled with fantastic beauty products. Visit, comment, make a difference in the fight against cancer!

A Quick Beauty Tip – Beauty Tip – How to Get the Last Few Drops of Product Out of Tubes of Hair Gel, Acne Medication, Body Lotion, etc.

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Yet another reason to keep a small pair of scissors in your bathroom – they are handy for getting out the last remnants of product out of tubes or hair gel, acne medication, body lotion or whatever you’ve got in a tube that’s down to it’s last droplets. I’ve found this trick handy during moments of sheer product desperation. And truth be told, I use this trick a lot ‘cause I’m cheap and hate throwing out the last few bits of anything I paid good money for, ha ha ha.

So this morning after I got out of the shower I reached for my tube of Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Body Cream this morning I realized that I was all out. This product comes in a tube, not a bottle, so I first tried the old trick where you shake the tube, hit the cap against you palm a few times and then squeeze the remainder of the product out. After that didn’t work any more, I grabbed the scissors from the medicine cabinet, cut off the tube in two, and used my fingers to dig into the cap area where the last of the lotion remained. And then those last bits of lotion were mine!

The official vacation count down is on! I’m going to Hawaii in t-minus 28 days. I can’t wait to surf in warm water and to hang out with my family! What are your vacation plans for the summer?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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