Dior’s Newly Reformulated Diorshow Mascara and Its Connection With Toothbrushes

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dior diorshow mascara

The newly reformulated and relaunched Diorshow Mascara in Pro Black #090 ($27.50), and yes…a toothbrush


That’s what this new tube of Diorshow Mascara reminds me of, which I know is a weird connection to make, but back in 2002 when Diorshow first launched, it had an oversized brush head inspired by the toothbrushes that makeup artists would use backstage to create long, dramatic lash looks on runway models. Dior hacked the idea and turned it into Diorshow’s XXL brush (your fun fact of the day).

Well, when Dior recently revamped and relaunched Diorshow Mascara, you can rest assured that they did not forget to give it an oversized brush, because without it, it wouldn’t have been Diorshow! :)

dior diorshow mascara

For comparison, that’s Diorshow next to Chanel le Volume and MAC Extended Play Gigablack Mascara

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Wow, You Can Also Use a BeautyBlender to Apply Eyeshadows and Face Powders? Who Knew?

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While makeup shopping at Nordstrom the other day I happened upon a beautyblender training class for the makeup artists on the floor and, um…of course you know I had to sneak my way into the group. :) I even asked a whole bunch of obnoxious questions (yes, I was *that* student back in the day).

Like, did you know that you can apply eyeshadow with a beautyblender?

Yeah! Who knew, right?

mini-beautyblenderUsing a wet beautyblender Micro Mini (the smallest-sized sponge; a pack of two sells for $18), swirl the larger rounded bottom end of the beautyblender into your powder eyeshadow pan to mix the powder up into something of a temporary cream shadow and to load the sponge. (Applying shadows wet like this will also intensify the colors.) Then, tap that directly on your lids to apply.

Now do the same thing with the smaller pointed end of the beautyblender to apply color in your outer V.

It’s a great way to do simple, single-eyeshadow looks without any fallout so you can get out the door quickly.

Kind of cool, right?

This works with face powder, too! But instead of the mini beautyblender, take a damp regular-sized one, swirl the rounded base into your favorite pressed powder pan, and then tap that on your face wherever you want powder. It’ll apply evenly, without any fallout, and give you full coverage.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


A Fabulously Frugal Fashion Find: The $12 Old Navy Relaxed Slub-Knit Tank

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old navy relaxed slub knit tank

Wearing my latest budget fashion find, the Old Navy Relaxed Slub-Knit Tank

Yeah, this green print Relaxed Slub-Knit Tank by Old Navy is only $12! But wait, it gets better. When I saw it at the store yesterday, it was on sale for $4!

I couldn’t say no, so I grabbed two — the print I’m wearing here, and another one in a bright solid orange.

They’re pretty basic relaxed-fit tanks, 60% cotton, 40% modal (which equals 100% soft), but you can jazz them up with some jewelry or other accessories.

They’re also machine washable (YAY!), although I won’t be putting them in the dryer. The material is on the thinner side, and every other thin Old Navy top I’ve stuck in the dryer has always ended up with holes.

So it’s air dry all the way, baby!

Also, if you can, try them on in the store, because these run big, and because you might be able to get a better price than the $12 listed online. I’d size down. Plus, Old Navy’s sizing tends to vary a lot, even among different colors of the same shirt.

Did you hit up any sales over the Fourth of July weekend? Inquiring shopping-loving minds want to know.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils Get Some New Shades: 1993, Bad Blood, Bittersweet, Blackmail and Stark Naked

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urban decay glide on lip pencil

The Urban Decay Glide-On Lip Pencils from the left in 1993, Bad Blood, Bittersweet, Blackmail and Stark Naked

The year was 1993… The city was Novato. Makeup police were investigating a case of beauty Blackmail that resulted in Bad Blood between two makeup-loving friends. According to the unofficial report and secondhand eyewitness accounts, the story had a Bittersweet ending involving a crazy woman running Stark Naked through the streets!

See, this is what happens when someone with an overactive imagination plays with these five new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils ($20). :)

These new matte lip liners match colors from the new Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick line, namely medium brown 1993, deep red Bad Blood, bright purple Bittersweet, deep berry Blackmail and light nude Stark Naked.

Bad Blood, 1993, Bittersweet and Stark Naked get enthusiastic high-fives from me, because they’re super creamy and glide across my skin without skipping a beat (much like typical 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils), but Blackmail is kind of a mess… It’s dry, patchy and pulls at my skin, bah!

urban decay glide on lip pencil 2

Urban Decay Glide-On Lip Pencils from the left in 1993, Bad Blood, Bittersweet, Blackmail and Stark Naked

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Before and After New Urban Decay Brow Beater and Brow Tamer

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urban decay brow

Wearing the new Urban Decay Brow Tamer and Brow Beater in my brows

My brows and I don’t hold hands and sing songs around the campfire.

My brows and I don’t “hug it out.”

This is because my brows and I have dueling agendas. While they like the sparse spots that appear around their arches, I want brows that are fluffy and full.

While they like looking unfinished and being underwhelming, I want brows that give out high fives and say, “Haaay, GURL, HAAY!” when they enter a room.

This epic, ongoing battle for total and complete brow domination recently led me to try two new brow products coming soon from Urban Decay — one, a new line of Brow Beater pencils ($20 each), and the other a new line of Brow Tamer brow gels (also $20 each).

Both promise to bust out bad@ss submission holds on brows to wrestle them into place.

urban decay brow beater

Urban Decay Brow Beater from the left in Dark, Neutral Brown, Taupe and Warm Brown

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