5 Gnarly Nail Products for Lacquer Lovers

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5 nail products lacquer lovers

It’s always good to have some “good to have around” products, like these five nail products for lacquer lovers. I love them all!

1. Nail Tek Crystal File ($16.50)

nail tek crystal file

I’m not kidding; I’ve had this same Crystal File by Nail Tek ($16.50) since, oh…it to be at least 2002.


I bought it eons ago at a Pure Beauty store at the Embarcadero Center in SF… I still remember the day because I walked in and asked a sales associate to recommend the “best damned nail file” they had, and she recommended this one. And even though it practically killed me at the time to pay however much I paid for it (can’t remember how much it was), I got it anyway because she said it would last forever.

And you know what? She may have been right, because 13 years later, it’s still doin’ fine.

Come Z-Day/zombie apocalypse time, this is the nail file I’m bringing with me on the road, and not just to file my nails — although seriously, what else am I going to do with my downtime?? We won’t have the Internet — but also because it would make a fabulous zombie-fighting emergency shiv.

Some crystal nail files wear down, but the Nail Tek stays gritty. It really smooths the edges of my nails and doesn’t leave them jagged. LOVE. IT.

It’s available now online and at Ulta stores and salons for about $16.50.

2. CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner ($11.50)

cnd solar oil

I’m so dedicated to CND Solar Oil ($11.50) that I keep one bottle on my work desk and another bottle on my nightstand by my bed.

‘Tis my jam.

A conditioner for nails and cuticles, it contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and rice oil. I swipe it on my cuticles, and then massage it in, a few times throughout the day and then again at night.

I keeps my nails nice and soft and generally less raggedy.

It’s available now online and at salons, drugstores and Ulta for about $11.50.
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Try This Nifty NARS Neutral Combo With NARS Abyssinia, Sophia and Bengali

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I’ve been lovin’ this NARS brown-based neutral combo lately with Abyssnia all over my lids from lash line to brow bone, Sophia in the crease and Bengali in the outer corners.

It’s been giving my mainstay brown MAC combos a break…

nars abyssinia sophia bengali 1

It’s a good one! You should totes give it a try.

nars abyssinia sophia bengali swatches

Swatches from the left of NARS Abyssinia, Sophia and Bengali

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MAC Magic of the Night: Jewel-Toned Smoky Eyes, Glowing Skin and Matte Pink Lips

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mac holiday 2015 magic of the night

Here’s the makeup I wore to wizardry class today! Huh, I’m tellin’ ya… Sorcery is hard work. :) This is my first look with the new MAC Holiday 2015 Magic of the Night collection, and seriously, I would wear this makeup pretty much every day if I thought I could pull it off.

mac holiday 2015 magic of the night

mac holiday 2015 magic of the night
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MAC Holiday 2015 | Magic of the Night Color Collection and Gift Sets

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mac holiday 2015 magic of the night

This year I really, really hope I get an invite to a Hogwarts-style enchanted garden/magical nighttime holiday event because then I’ll have the world’s most fitting excuse to get gussied up in makeup from the MAC Holiday 2015 Magic of the Night collection.

I just hope I can find the right black-tie pregnancy dress, hmm… :)

mac holiday 2015 magic of the night

Oh, boy! This collection is a doozy. It’s a big one, and it’s split into two parts. First, there’s the color collection, spell caster’s codename “Magic of the Night.” And then there are several holiday gift sets in three different categories, appropriately named Enchanted Eve, Irresistibly Charming and Viva Glamorous.

Playing with these pieces today it was pretty much love at first swipe. The color theme and deep jewel-toned smoky eyes, gleaming skin and matte lips are totally my style, and I’m a sucker for the magical vibe.

mac holiday 2015

mac holiday 2015
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Guerlain Holiday 2015 Winter Fairy Tale Collection Highlights

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guerlain holiday 2015 winter fairy tale collection

A couple of holiday-infused highlights from the Guerlain Holiday 2015 Winter Fairy Tale collection coming to select Guerlain counters at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Dillard’s stores October 15


Two words I have never spoken in my life, although I’ve always wanted to, but growing up here in this part of California, the only snow we get is on TV, except for the fake kind they use at the mall by the scary Santa…

No offense to any mall Santas out there, but the ones I remember were terrifying! They were just so big and loud and red and sweaty…

Wait — what were we talking about?

Oh, yeah! Guerlain…

guerlain holiday 2015 eye blush palette

The eyeshadows from the Guerlain Holiday 2015 Eye & Blush Palette (it’s a compact with two tiers)

guerlain holiday 2015 eye blush palette

The blushes from the Guerlain Holiday 2015 Eye & Blush Palette (the second tier in the compact)

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