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Rise and shine, pal o’ mine! It’s (MAC) Caturday. :)

So how was your Friday night? I spent mine with a Martian…

Good movie! Yes, I’m a sucker for sci-fi, but I really enjoyed it. It’s beautiful, sounds great (both the ambient space sound effects, and it has a cool disco soundtrack), looks amazing (the great vastness of space, the breathtaking Martian landscape), has some complex, interesting characters, and not just the character Matt Damon plays. Jessica Chastain does really well, too.

I did realize while watching it, though, that I am so not cut out for space. I’d be all, “NASA, could you please send up some more Fix+? Mkay thx bye.”

I’m still getting myself situated this morning, so I don’t really have my weekend plans worked out, but whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a rock ’em, sock ’em weekend. I’ll talk to you soon, my friend.


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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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NARS Steven Klein Holiday 2015, Part 1: The Gift Sets

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It wouldn’t be the holidays at NARS without a gift set with some man junk…

nars steven klein full service

NARS Steven Klein Full Service Mini Kabuki Brush Set ($95)

And a lady in a Jason Voorhees mask…

nars tearjerker eye set 2


So, yeah. It’s pretty much business as usual over at NARS! :)

The brand likes to scoot along the razor’s edge with their holiday collections, often doing collaborations with cutting edge artists, and their holiday releases are anything but boring and traditional. Instead of reindeers and candy canes, we get ladies in lingerie wearing sexy aliens masks.

This year’s collab is with fashion photographer Steven Klein, and it’s a big one. I’ve split it into two parts, with this first video covering the gift sets, which arrive on the NARS website and at NARS boutiques October 5, and then in stores November 1.

Here are some swatches and pictures, and there’s a lot more info in the video at the top. I hope you see something you like.

nars steven klein dispair cheek palette

NARS Steven Klein Despair Cheek Palette ($65)

nars steven klein dispair cheek palette 2

NARS Steven Klein Despair Cheek Palette Blushes in Nico, Savage, Esoteric and Ferocious

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Benefit Holiday 2015 | First Impressions

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benefit holiday 2015

Four of the six Best of Benefit holiday kits for holiday 2015

Why do I suddenly feel the urge to wear neon and listen to Wham!?

Oh, maybe it’s this: the Benefit holiday 2015 collection and its candy-colored, ’80s theme.

My goodness, girlfriend. It just occurred to me that, depending on your age, you may not have heard of Wham! — which is a thought that makes me want to take a long walk off a short pier (dramatic much?).

Seriously, though, they’re one of the quintessential ’80s party bands.

benefit holiday 2015 party poppers

The Benefit Holiday 2015 Party Poppers ($45) Best of Benefit kit, coming to all Benefit counters and stores

benefit holiday 2015 your bright to party party hoppin

The Benefit Holiday 2015 Your B.right! to Party Best of Benefit kit ($49, coming to all Benefit counters and stores) and Party Hoppin’ kit ($39, exclusive to Ulta)

Speaking of parties, this year’s Benefit holiday 2015 collection Best of Benefit kits sure look like they’re having a blast (look at those bright colors!). I’m getting distinct notes of out-of-control New Year’s Eve parties that can’t stop, and won’t stop, until well after dawn.

benefit holiday 2015 party poppers 2

Benefit Holiday 2015 Party Poppers ($45) Best of Benefit kit, coming to all Benefit counters and stores

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Pregnancy Update, 17 Weeks!

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Pickles, prunes and pregnancy, oh my! Your niece is 17 weeks old old now, and she’s doing great. Here’s a quick update.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addicts,

Karen and Baby Girl :)

P.S. Anyone else going to see The Martian tonight? I’m really looking forward to it. The previews look great, and I haven’t been to a movie in at least a month, which is a long time for me.

I’ve been going through popcorn withdrawals…

Have You Ever Realized That You Were Doing a Beauty Technique Completely Wrong?

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under eye concealer brushes 2

Not that it matters for the sake of the rules, because my only real rule when it comes to beauty is that there are no rules (I totally believe that there are soooo many different ways to get to the same beauty destination), but I have had more than my share of lightbulb “Aha!” moments, when I realized that if I’d been doing a technique differently along the way, it would have made my life easier.

The one that springs to my mind has to do with blending eyeshadows. I used to hold my blending brush way up close to the brush head and the ferrule, which led me to kind of push hard with the brush head against my skin. The bristles would visibly scrunch and bend while I blended.

Yeah… I’ve come to realize that this just made blending so much more difficult for me than it needed to be. It’s like I was trying to jam my eyeshadows into my skin, instead of blending and moving the powders along the surface.

Now I use a gentler touch and hold the brush closer to the back end of the handle, and I pay more attention to how much pressure I’m applying on the brush. If I see the bristles are scrunching and bending, I ease up. Blending’s been a whole lot easier and faster for me this way.

Oh! — I just remembered something else. I used to move the brush v-e-r-y slowly when I blended, because I guess I thought I had more control doing it that way, but it always took forever. Then I saw somewhere (I wish I could remember where) that when you’re blending eyeshadow, it’s better to use a quicker, smoother motion.

Well, I tried it once, and hurray! It was much easier to move the powders around, and they looked smoother. Now when I blend I move the brush quickly and use a light touch.

How about you, my sweet? Have you ever realized that you were doing a beauty technique completely wrong?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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