The Tarte Light of the Party Holiday 2015 Makeup Case in Action: Smoky Brown Eyes, False Lashes and Fuchsia Lips

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tarte light of the party

Dude, I wish I’d gone to a party tonight wearing this look I did with the new Tarte Light of the Party set from the holiday 2015 collection, but instead of rocking out, I watched three episodes of 90210 (the original 1990s series; I’m re-watching it on Hulu) and ate cookies with my cat on the couch.

For what it’s worth, I did seriously consider going to the Starbucks down the street to get something warm and sweet (and decaf) and to get my butt out of the house, but I wussed out…

I do have to say, though, that if there is a beverage at Starbucks worthy of this kind of va-va-va-voom makeup, it has to be their Pumpkin Spice Latte, because those things are a party in yo’ mouth. I estimate the number of Pumpkin Spice Lattes I’ve had over the past month to be somewhere between obnoxious and obscene.

tarte light of the party

This was the makeup look I was wearing in the Tarte Holiday 2015 video — smoky brown eyes and matte fuchsia lips.

The eyeshadows are from Light of the Party ($59; it’s available now exclusively at Sephora), and that fun fuchsia lip — it’s called All Fired Up — is from the MAC Magic of the Night holiday color collection, which’ll be available on the MAC website starting October 18, and then a few days later in stores on October 22.

tarte light of the party
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A Look With the MAC Enchanted Eve Eye and Face Palette/Cool: Cool-Toned Gray and Blue Eyes, Rosy Cheeks and Plum Lips

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mac enchanted eye face palette cool

My skin may have a sunny disposition — i.e., I’m warm toned — but sometimes I like playing it cool with cool-toned grays, browns and blues like the ones I’m wearing here.

I’m wearing the new MAC Enchanted Eve Eye and Face Palette/Cool ($49.50), one of the two eye and face palettes in the MAC holiday 2015 collection.

mac enchanted eye face palette cool

MAC Enchanted Eve Eye and Face Palette/Cool ($49.50)

Despite seeming like a strange combo, cool tones don’t have to clash with warm-toned skin. Sometimes I think they look really cool! :)

This look didn’t take long, either. I used my trusty iPhone timer trick. I set it for 25 minutes, and then I committed to mostly sticking to the colors in the palette, because it has eyeshadows, a blush, two lipsticks and a highlighter, so most of what I needed was right there (yay for convenience!).

mac enchanted eye face palette cool

The MAC Enchanted Eve Eye and Face Palette/Cool packaging…

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Tarte Holiday 2015 Collection Highlights

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TO: Zac Posen, my favorite eye-rolling judge on a fashion reality TV show
SUBJECT: These Tarte holiday 2015 collection palettes

My darling, please, when you can fit into your busy schedule, I would LOVE a few matching outfits to go with these new Tarte holiday 2015 collection palettes. I’m talking dresses, and if it’s not too much trouble, could you also make something stylish for my plus-size tabby cat?

Incidentally, do you do maternity wear?? Or fabulous feline fashion?

Never mind. To quote Tim Gunn, your charming coworker, I’m sure you’ll “make it work.”

Karen (Makeup and Beauty Blog)

I got momentarily lost in a sequin-fueled reverie this afternoon while I ooh’d and ahh’d over these two Tarte palettes from two of the brand’s new holiday 2015 collection sets (which are on counters right meow). I don’t know how many minutes passed before I realized, “Oh, right! I should probably put on my makeup now.” LOL!

Not knowing where to start, I defaulted to my makeup happy place — smoky brown eyes, big lashes and bold lips — but I see a lot of other looks with these in my immediate future.

The two sets here are called Light of the Party ($59) and Greatest Glitz ($49), and they’re both very well balanced, with a good mix of mattes and shimmers, cool and warm tones, and shades for everyday makeup and evenings on the town. If you like traditionally pretty looks of the kind that celebs like to wear on the red carpet, I think you’ll really like them both. They’re two of my favorite things from the Tarte holiday 2015 collection.

Both sets include multiple pieces, and here are pictures, but for the full 411 on both sets, check out the video at the top.

The Tarte Light of the Party set ($59)

tarte holiday 2015 light of the party

tarte holiday 2015 light of the party

tarte holiday 2015 light of the party
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Assuming You Don’t Already, Do You Think You Could Do Someone Else’s Makeup?

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Tabs contouring with his new Real Techniques Contour Brush

When your cat asks you to contour his cheeks, of course you say yes…

I’ve done event makeup for family members, and they seemed pretty happy with the results, so yeah, I think I could do it, especially if the makeup wasn’t too involved. I can handle smoky eyes, or winged liner and red lips, or a soft neutral bridal look, but a cray-cray cut crease with intense drag queen-caliber contouring? Probably not.

Well, maybe…if I had an entire day to work on it.

Eyeliner, though, is one of those things that’s always hard for me to do on other people because I’m terrified of poking someone’s eye out! Also, lash curling, again, for the same reason…

If you do makeup on other people and have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments! I think it’s definitely a different skill than doing makeup on yourself.

So, today’s million-dollar question? Assuming you don’t already, do you think you could do someone else’s makeup? And if you have done it before, how did it go?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Bejeweled and Fabulous!

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Bejeweled and fabulous! — because Tabs wouldn’t have it any other way.

Please note the sassy front paw action. It’s his new signature move.


The bling is the Kristin Perry Audrey Necklace.

It’s actually made for people, but as you can see, it also looks quite fetching on cats. :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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