Is Rosy Beige Nude Milani Lipstick in Enchanted Topaz a Gem?

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Milani Enchanted Topaz

I am captivated by the thought of an enchanted topaz — this Enchanted Topaz, Milani’s new $6.49 matte nude lipstick for fall because, hello, I’m the girl with five or six nude lippies in her purse at any given time. :)

I like how this rosy beige nude looks on my lips, especially when I wear it with a dramatic smokey eye, but I have a hard time with the texture… A dry, powdery matte, it’s unforgiving on any flaky areas of my lips (not a problem if I apply a layer of moisturizing gloss on top).

Topaz is one of three matte lipsticks in the new Milani fall Bedazzled collection. There’s also a purple shade called Enchanted Amethyst and a deep wine called Enchanted Ruby, and all of them are available now for a limited time at CVS and Walgreens stores.

Milani Enchanted Topaz

Milani Enchanted Topaz

Play Up Your Cheekbones With Topshop Glow Stick in Play Up

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Topshop Glow Stick

There’s a delicate quality to Topshop’s Glow Stick in Play Up ($15) that speaks to the part of me that loves a soft, subtle highlight.

Then there’s another part of me that instantly pictures a sea of sweaty people with glow sticks bouncing up and down in rhythm to a heavy bass beat in a secluded warehouse, but I digress…

Play Up might be too nuanced for you if you like your shimmer to shout from the rooftops (if that’s the case, might I suggest Aura over at Urban Decay?), but I’m digging its golden champagne sheen, which reminds me a little of Hourglass Ambient Powder in Luminous Light.

If you’d like to play up your upper cheekbones with Play Up, make a play date to visit your nearby Topshop store, Nordstrom, or check it out online.

Topshop Glow Stick

Topshop Glow Stick

For Long, Lush, Lifted Lashes, Try the Funky Brush: New Lancome Grandiose Mascara

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Lancome Grandiose MascaraYo, is Cyberdyne Systems engineering mascaras now? Because everything about Lancome’s new Grandiose Mascara ($32, available in one shade, Noir) says, “BEHOLD! I am from the future, primitive bipedal creature, and I am here to rewrite mascara history as we know it! I mean…as you know it, because I already know it, of course, so I’m referring to you. As YOU know it… That’s what I meant to say. Oh, never mind!”

The wonderfully weird curved neck and tapered tube, the black rose silhouetted on the side — it’s as if an advanced artificial intelligence developed what we humans were too daft to figure out.

It’s all very sci-fi, if you ask me. :)

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Lancome Grandiose Mascara, $32

The purpose of this mascara’s programming is pretty obvs. The funky brush. Lancome says they spent three years developing a brush that could grab every last lash — even the hard-to-reach buggers that hide in the inner and outer corners — and coupling it with a formula for a dramatic, fanned lash look with lots of length, volume and curl.

Inside the box, there’s even a fairly detailed schematic demonstrating wand positions and brush flips, which may or may not leave you feeling as though you’re about to attempt brain surgery (or build a cabinet from Ikea).

Lancome Grandiose Mascara instructions


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These L’Oreal Glossy Balms Are Ideal for Lazy Sunday Afternoons Filled With French Fries and Vanilla Shakes

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L'Oreal Glossy Balms

Four of the eight new L’Oreal Glossy Balms ($7.99 each); from the left: My Babydoll, Pink Me Up, Petite Plum and Lovely Mocha

Dear Karl Lagerfeld,

Look, I get it. I do. I totally understand why you feel so strongly about sweatpants. I feel the same way about wearing pajamas in public.

When I grew up, pajamas were strictly for use at home, and I still hold on to that belief. No one should have to see a grown man wearing red plaid pajamas on a Tuesday afternoon at the mall. I mean, really? You couldn’t spare 10 seconds to put on jeans? Please…

Sweatpants, however, I don’t know… I really love some of mine, and they’re not all bad, Karl. I have a killer pair by Zella that does great things for my bum. Makes me look like I spend all day doing squats with J. Lo and cutting carbs.

Plus, I wouldn’t know what else I’d wear with my L’Oreal Colour Riche Glossy Balms.

Loreal Gloss Balm from the left: Pink Me Up, My Babydoll, Lovely Mocha and Petite Plum

From the left: Pink Me Up, My Babydoll, Lovely Mocha and Petite Plum

Come on, Karl, don’t act like you’re too good for the drugstore. *Snaps in a Z formation.* I’m telling you, I really think you’d like these balms. They have as much pigment as any of the other lippies in my makeup bag and an elegant, soft shine worthy of the House of Chanel.

Loreal Gloss Balm packaging

Cute type!

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What Are Your Favorite Everyday Accessories?

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Kate Spade One in a Million Initial Pendant Necklace (1)

Kate Spade One in a Million Initial Pendant Necklace

The everyday accessories — the necklaces, bracelets, shoes, rings, purses, hair pins, glasses, hats or what have you — that you wear on the daily.

My shoes and purse situations are ever-changing, and to a large degree it depends on what I’m doing on any given day, but for jewelry, there are a few particular pieces I wear all the time.

Those are my wedding and engagement rings, a pair of square gumdrop studs by Kate Spade (Only $38! I love the heck out of these.) and the Kate Spade One in a Million Initial Pendant Necklace in the pic at the top.

There’s also an Anne Klein watch that my brother and his sweetheart got me for my last birthday that sees a lot of action…

All together, these are the things that regularly satisfy my bling monster. :)

How about you? What are your favorite everyday accessories?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Of course there’s also my iPhone (in a basic black, boring case that gives me some extra battery life), which I’m never without for long.

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