Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 344

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Dear Tabby

Dear Tabby is written by Tabs the cat, widely considered “the world’s first plus-size kitty supermodel.” Founded in mid 2012, it has quickly become the most popular cat advice column on earth — known for its fresh, feline perspective on lifestyle, fashion and style issues affecting cats and humans.

Cat questions canine comparisons

What a dog-like cat

DEAR TABBY: What does it mean when someone says, “He’s so dog-like”?

Yeah! I hear it all the time, and they usually say it like it’s a compliment, like, “Oh, that’s so cute! He’s just like a dog…” And I’ll be, like, walking around the neighborhood on my leash when some random stranger will say it.

I mean, nothing against dogs… You know, whatever. Some of my coworkers are dogs, and we work together… It’s fine. I have no problem with dogs. They do their thing, you know, with the slobbering and the sniffing. Whatever. I just don’t see the resemblance at all.

Seriously, Tabby, should I be offended, or am I missing something here?

Thank you,

Cat swimming

Just because I like my leash doesn’t make me a cocker spaniel

DEAR FIDDLES: The same thing happens to me all the time! Yeah, I don’t get it either, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I think it actually might be somehow related to the leash, because that seems to be when it happens, when I’m wearing my leash, but I don’t know if it’s a style thing, like if some canine celebrity is rocking my same leash, or something else.

But it does seem to happen a lot when I’m either walking with my assistant on my leash, or waiting at the front door with my leash to go outside.

I guess just try not to take it personally, if you can.

Mature mouser has problems with privacy

Kittens today...

DEAR TABBY: Gah! These kittens today, always with their lion cuts and Twitters and Instagrams. They don’t know which way is up!

There is such a thing as too much sharing. You’re a pro, Tabby, but some of these young kittens just don’t get it. They don’t understand. They don’t realize that once it’s out there in the cloud, it’s forever. It could be five years from now in a job interview, and they’ll find that picture of you drinking those catnip shots. Selfies are the downfall of society!

My nieces and nephews are constantly posting things like that on the Facebooks. How can I get them to stop?

With friendly thanks and best wishes,

kittenhood bonds

I ordered this necklace online

DEAR BARTHOLOMEW: You gotta lighten up, man! There’s no turning back the clock. These kittens are growing up in a wired world. Sure, sometimes I worry about privacy, but there’s already so much info out there. All you can really do for the kittens is remind them to be careful and use common sense.

As for technology itself, it can be really fun! I encourage you to get one of your nieces or nephews to help you create an Instagram account. Once you get to understand it better, you might even enjoy yourself.
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Comment to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora! (Ends Monday)

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Win a $50 eGift card from Sephora

Rise and shine, morning glory. Happy caturday. :) Thank you for all of your kinds words and encouragement this week and for letting me lean on you for a bit. Maybe someday I can return the favor. I get teary every single time I go into the comments on the Quick Hello post from a few days ago.

I’m feeling a lot better already, partially because I’ve made some headway on cleaning my office. I mean…it still looks like a hornet’s nest, but I have done a lot of purging and a little reorganizing, so one step is better than no steps, I guess.

I hope that you’re having a nice morning so far. What are you up to over there?

I’m just going to continue my office cleaning project and maybe (probably) play with some makeup. I do have to hit up the dollar store and The Container Store a little later, but that’s about it. That’s what I’m doing this weekend.

But right now I’m having breakfast. I made more of those Flourless Thumbprint Oatmeal Cookies (yum!) and some scrambled eggs. And some chai tea, which I’m very excited about. :)

Have a great weekend, my friend. Talk to you soon.

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

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    • When you think “elegant makeup,” what comes to mind?
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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


New Bargain Bling: Loft Necklaces on Serious Sale

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Because woman cannot live on chunky statement jewelry alone, I picked up these dainty necklaces from Loft. Better still — I got ‘em on sale.


Those are magic words right there…

I’m actually starting to rue the day I discovered that Loft is kind of the sh*t, because, dude — I kid you not — they always have a sale, and none of those wimpy 10% off sales. These sales are usually 40-60% off, which is, like, two steps away from free. LOL!

At least that’s what I tell El Hub when I come home with a Loft shopping bag. :)

The gold necklace is the Delicate Crystal Triangle Necklace, originally $29.50 but currently on sale for $24.88, plus an additional 60% off. The final price? $9.95. I’m wearing it in these pics as a layering necklace. (I can’t remember the designer of the “K” necklace I’m also wearing, though. My bad.)

The silver one is the Delicate Pave Circle Necklace. Same drill. Originally $29.50, but now $9.95 after 60% off.

Another thing I like about these necklaces is that you can wear them in different lengths. See all the loops in the back of the chain? You can use them to take the necklace up or down, depending on your outfit and mood.

Yay for bling on sale! :)


The MAC In Extra Dimension Eye Shadows Are Becoming Permanent Fixtures in Spacetime

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mac extra dimension eye shadow

The new MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows ($22 each), coming May 7 to MAC stores, counters and online

Apologies for just powering my way through this quick look at the new MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows, babe. I’ve got a hot date with two clear drawers from The Container Store (yup, operation Get My Sh*t Together is currently underway).

First, I’m so happy to see these being added to the MAC permanent line! I’ve loved ‘em for years and have long hoped this would happen.

See…? Sometimes makeup dreams really do come true. :)

These long-wearing eyeshadows (I get 8-10 hours) have a super soft, almost creamy formula and come in various levels of shimmer, all with negligible (barely any) fallout. I think they’re abso-friggin-lutely heaven, and I’m sure I’ve gushed about them before…

If some of the shades below look familiar, you may be recalling them from past collections like last year’s Alluring Aquatic.

Here are pics and swatches of 16 of the 18 shades (not shown: Smoky Mauve and Silver Sun)…

mac extra dimension eye shadow

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows from the left: A Natural Flirt, Ready to Party, Stylishly merry and Rich Core

mac extra dimension eye shadow

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows from the left: Grand Galaxy, Amorous Alloy, Havana and Sweet Heat

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10-Minute Makeup With Urban Decay, Clinique, MAC , Make Up For Ever, It Cosmetics and More

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Question: What girl puts on makeup just to clean her office?

Answer: THIS GIRL. :)

I figure what the haaaay! A little eyeshadow will make the act of purging old Post-It notes, product packaging and stacks of magazines that much more “professional.”

At least that’s the idea.

Fast-forward to right meow…

I didn’t want to spend forever and a day putting on mah face this morning, so I gave myself 10 minutes, and here’s what I came up with.

Because it’s a little more colorful than yesterday’s 10-minute makeup, I think it has a little more oomph.

I used cool-toned matte browns on my lids to softly define the eyes, along with a highlight in the inner corners to brighten things up a bit, and a bold fuchsia lip for a flash of extra color.

I think this look would be totally appropriate for most work environments, and you can seriously bang it out in 10 minutes.

Here are a few things I did to save time…

Simplify the primer situation — This won’t apply to you if you already skip primer, but if you’re a fellow primer addict/practitioner (seriously, I use four for most of my makeup looks), try to simplify (just a little!) by limiting yourself to one. For this look, I only used Make Up For Ever’s Nourishing Primer, which I applied all over my face, on my lids and under my eyes.

Then I concealed my under-eye circles with concealer (Maybelline Fit Me Concealer), and since I was already in the area, I took that up to my lids, adding a layer, which I then set with powder. That way I was able to skip my usual routine of NARS Pro Prime.

Same goes for brows (simplify, that is) — Instead of my usual brow rigamarole, which has lately involved filling and setting my brows with Anastasia’s Pencil and then setting them with Anastasia’s Clear Brow Gel, I used just one brow product, Bobbi Brown’s Natural Brow Shaper, because it does a little of everything.

Pick a palette (or two!) — For speed makeup, I like having a face palette that contains a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter, and 2) an eye palette stocked with flexible neutral mattes. That way I have everything I need for a basic everyday look in one place, and I don’t have to rummage through different containers and whatnot.

Try a timer — Do you have an egg timer or a watch? I use the little timer thingy in the Clock app on my iPhone. Today I set it for 10 minutes and placed it right in front of me on my desk where I could watch it counting down…

Don’t obsess about blending — I’m a weirdo perfectionist, and I can easily get carried away with blending, but for time-sensitive makeup looks, I have to let it go… Seriously, it’s OK if it looks a little messy. I think the key is picking two shades — like a light brown, and also a slightly darker brown — that aren’t too far from your natural skin tone. That way you won’t have to do a ton of heavy lifting.

Also, if the bright pink lip is a bit too bold for you, you could swap it out with a neutral lipstick. Here’s the same cheeks/eyes with a soft rosy pink matte (Tom Ford’s Pussycat) in place of the fuchsia…

Makeup I’m wearing in this look…

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